Let's quickly go over a few things you should know.


As a team captain you are the main point of contact for any issues regarding your team.

You are responsible for:

Ensuring your entire team understands ALL league rules.

During games you are the ONLY member allowed to speak to the referee.

If you know your team will not be attending a game it is very important to contact our staff immediately.

Failure to notify us may result in your team being removed from the league without a refund.

We wouldn't want a team to show up without a team to play.

This is your only warning.

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The Valley Soccer Center will NOT handle ANY issues regarding our league, please contact us directly.



Who can join my team?

All team members must be 18 and over to join.

All team members must sign a liability waiver.

All team members must pay a registration fee.

Your team must consist of at least (7) players, (10) maximum.

You must have at least (2) female players on the roster and (1) on the field at ALL times. 




Complete a team request form

You must complete the team request form below to create a team. In your request you can also add any questions you may have. We will allow teams to be created on a first come first serve basis. 


We will contact you

We will contact you letting you know that there is space or that you have been added to the waiting list. We will also confirm your team name and also take note if you need help recruiting members.


Pay your registration fee

Since space is limited to the first 8 teams that register, you must pay your registration fee before your team is approved. Once your registration is paid we will allow for your members to join your team.

Fill out this form and you will be on your way to building a team.

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